Day One: Alto, MI to Marquette, MI

screen-shot-2017-06-16-at-1-08-33-amDay One was a mixed bag.  We left Alto around 9:30am and it wasn’t long before things started to go a little wrong with the DeLorean.  First the A/C would stop blowing when I was accelerating at highway speed.  Then the left window refused to go down and, when I could coax it to move, would even more disturbingly refuse to go back up!  I decided stuck up was better than stuck down and decided to stop playing with it.  The right window works fine, so my guess is it’s an issue with the left window motor.  I’d always been happy with the fact that my windows worked.  Why did it have to stop now??

Near Cadillac I decided it was time to finally go 88mph.  The freeway up there is pretty quiet, so it’s a great place to try it.  Unfortunately it wasn’t as great as I’d thought because I was pulled over by Michigan State Trooper Marc Moore.  He had a sense of humor, though, and gave me a warning.  Then he had his picture taken with the car.

After that we met up with the nice folks at Channel 9 & 10 News in Cadillac.  They were super pumped to have a DeLorean come by and we did the interview in the car.  My favorite part was when I had to stop to save a turtle that was crossing the street.

Then it was up to Mackinaw City for an interview with Rachel Fergus from the Mackinaw paper.  Pizza for dinner and then over the bridge.  It was a freaky drive to Marquette in scattered down pours that made it impossible for me to see the road.  The DeLorean’s wipers couldn’t go fast enough and headlights are fairly dim.  At times I just lined up the tailights from the Murano on the windshield and hoped for no oncoming traffic.  We finally made it to our hotel at midnight and I’m now downloading footage and charging batteries like crazy to be ready for tomorrow.

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