September 9, 2016

DeLorean Classifieds

It can be tricky to find DeLoreans for sale, and I don't recommend buying one off eBay unless you love to gamble.  Here are some sites that I frequented in my search for the car:


Hemmings Classic Car classifieds always returned the most results in DeLorean searches.


You can use the "search all Craigslist" sites, but you will also get a lot of junk you probably don't want, like DeLorean toy cars, etc.

DeLorean Motor Company

DMC has a page on their website of cars for sale, but don't expect to find any deals here.  I suggest calling the DMC location near you and asking if they have, or know of any, cars for sale in your price range.


There's a Facebook page for DeLoreans and spare parts.  You'll have to request to be added.