September 8, 2016

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Got a question about the Back to Alaska documentary?  Check out the FAQ below or message us.

Where are you going?

We'll be driving from West Michigan to Fairbanks, Alaska--at distance of about 3700 miles.  Our exact route will be available later.

When are you leaving?

We'll leave in June of 2017.  The trip will take about ten days.

Why are you doing this?

Because the DeLorean has been my dream car since 2000 and they're rarely for sale in Alaska, so I figured if I was going to get one, I'd have to buy it in the Lower 48 and drive it back.

What does a DeLorean cost?

They're generally about $25,000-$55,000.  Mine was $29,000.

Are DeLoreans reliable?

I'm told they are--when properly maintained.  One thing we'll find out in the course of making this documentary is if that's really true.

When will the documentary be finished?

We're aiming to finish the documentary in the summer of 2018.  Then we'll spend about a year entering film festivals before it will become  available to purchase in approximately 2019.