June 8, 2017

The Route

Our route back to Alaska

Here is the route we will take to get back to Alaska.  We leave Thursday, June 15 and each city listed denotes where we will be staying each night of the eight day journey–barring some sort of mechanical disaster…  Follow our Facebook page for updates on our progress.

Thursday, June 15: Depart Alto, MI and arrive Marquette, Michigan

Friday, June 16: Arrive in Grand Forks, North Dakota

Saturday, June 17: Arrive in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Sunday, June 18: Arrive in Edmonton, Alberta

Monday, June 19: Arrive in Dawson Creek, British Columbia

Tuesday, June 20: Arrive in Toad River, British Columbia

Wednesday, June 21: Arrive in Whitehourse, Yukon Territory

Thursday, June 22: Arrive back in Fairbanks, Alaska at approximately 8:00pm!