September 8, 2016

Back to Alaska: The DeLorean Road Trip Movie


Back to Alaska: The DeLorean Road Trip Movie is about one man's dream to buy a DeLorean sports car in the Lower 48 and drive it back to his home in Fairbanks, Alaska.  But it's about more than just that.  It's also about what happens when you finally get something you've been dreaming about for years and how getting that big new toy affects your life.  Support our Indiegogo campaign here!

Getting the DeLorean

Only about a 20 DeLorean's are listed for sale across the U.S. at any given time, so how did Rob find his and how can you find yours?

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Owning the Car

Parades, car shows, getting followed, and just tooling around town.  What's it like to own a DeLorean?  Follow Rob's blog to find out.

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The Route

The route and timeline for the epic drive back to Alaska.  Will the DeLorean make it back unharmed...or at all?  Follow the progress of Rob's trip.

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About the Filmmaker

Robert Prince is an Associate Professor in the Journalism Department at the University of Alaska Fairbanks where he teaches documentary filmmaking.  He has produced several award-winning documentaries, including Making Choices: The Dutch Resistance during World War II.  He's also the creator/host of Dark Winter Nights: True Stories from Alaska, which aims to share true stories from Alaska with the world.


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