September 8, 2016

About the Film


The Film

Back to Alaska: The Ultimate DeLorean Road-Trip follows one man as he pursues his dream to buy a DeLorean sports car and drive it back to his home in Fairbanks, Alaska.  Within the context of the road-trip, the film will explore what happens when you finally get something big you've been dreaming about for years and the affect is has on your life.  Can you buy some degree of happiness?  How does getting a fancy new toy affect your friends?  Are they happy for you, jealous, or do they go out and buy their own new toys?  Does buying a classic car make your life better or just add more stress and worry?

The Filmmaker

Rob Prince grew up in East Lansing and fell in love with video production while a Junior at East Lansing High School.  He got his BA in Video Production from Calvin College and his MA from Michigan State University in 2004.  Shortly thereafter he moved to Fairbanks, Alaska to teach documentary filmmaking in the University of Alaska Fairbanks Journalism Department.

His dream to own a DeLorean began in 2000 when he learned that they weren't ridiculously expensive.  It took 16 years before the stars aligned and he finally got his own.